Interactions Folke2 (ÅÅÅÅ-MM-DD)

This data has been imported programmatically into Wikidrug from an XML data file.

Note that Folke2 does not contain explicit substance names. Instead it contains substance id:s which refer to substances listed in Läkemedelsverkets NPL data file with substances. When generating these wiki pages the Folke2 substance id:s have been looked up in the NPL data file with substances.

Some statistics

Number of interactions 5853
Number of sections 3816
Number of used section ids 2446
Number of section content languages 1 [u'sv']
Number of inter section type lx values 1 [u'1']

Changes in correlated information from 2010-01-01 until 2010-04-30

178 SPC documents has been updated or are been approved during this period by LMV.

Those are related to substances that have 1951 registered interactions in Folke2.

Among those 178 drugs, 146 were available on the market by 2010-03-05.

Encountered problems

Number of interactions with missing section id 1
Number of section ids that are used in more than one interaction 327
Number of unused sections 1370

Test stuff

The link/page below is for manually testing the layout of Folke2 interaction pages. It serves as a specification by example document.